Projects under the UOM Trust

The UOM Trust has initiated several projects in line with its objects. A number of those projects are already under way and the returns are expected to be visible shortly. Several more are in the pipeline. The Trust shall play a pivotal role in assisting the University’s financing strategy in the long run.

Projects under the aegis of the UOM Trust are developed to rationalise the use of resources belonging to the Trust as well as those provided by UoM and Trust partners, to provide optimal benefits to the University. All faculties are, or shall be, involved, either directly or indirectly, in the UOM Trust projects.

Current projects
– MIBS – the stakeholders are the UOM Trust and the MEF. FLM academic staff are involved in all programmes pertaining to the Finance and Management fields, whereas Computer Science & Engineering Department (FoE) academic staff shall service the IT programmes scheduled to run shortly. FLM academics are also involved in the setting up of the Centre for Organised Markets (COM), a joint initiative with Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.
– The UOM Trust recently entered into an MoU with the Association of Offshore Management Companies (AOMC) with the HRDC, to provide capacity building in the offshore financial sector, and strengthen collaborations.
– The VCILT with the CSE Department are involved in a project to deliver a tailor-made programme for a Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering for Accenture (Mauritius) Ltd.
– Senate and Council of UoM have also already approved a project for a School of Medicine with involvement of FoS academics, with financing from an overseas partner.

In the pipeline
– Senate has approved the mounting of a short tailor-made in-house training programme to be serviced by the FoA (re. ‘New Extension Approaches’) at the request of the Farmers Service Corporation for its members.
– The UOM Trust is considering two other MoUs. The first one is with the Centre for Parliamentary Studies for setting up a Centre for Governance and Public Sector Excellence. This will allow for the capacity building of FSSH, and delivery of programmes by the latter. The second MoU concerns the Mauritius Export Association (MEXA) in the logistics sector, with involvement of the CPDL.
– It is also proposed to set up a Centre for Industrial Research & Innovation (CIRI) which shall tap into the strong research capabilities and resources cutting across all Faculties with firm links with government and Industry.

With the initial activities in 2007-2008 of MIBS alone, the UOM Trust has generated over Rs 2.5 million.

Vice-Chancellor’s Office


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