Students from Biosciences Department win Emtel Competition

Prize winners emtel competitionThree BSc (Hons) Biology year 2 students are the winners for the first prize for the Emtel project competition 2008 at tertiary level. The Award ceremony held in February focused on the theme ‘A Micro-Project Designed to Protect the Environment in Mauritius’. The runners up were year 1 Bsc (Hons) Biology students from the Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science.

Ms Reshma Sunkur, Joanna Volbert and Vanessa Bactora presented their project on ‘Bokashi compost: The totally natural way to reduce, reuse and recycle organic waste’. Organic waste contributes a very high percentage to the total waste stream in Mauritius and causes a lot of stress on our landfill. The project proposed the use of effective micro-organisms (EM) to make Bokashi compost from organic waste at home or in institutions. They have won a cash prize of Rs 60,000.

Another group of students (Darshini Devi Narrain, Gatil Manai and Najiibah Gulabkhan) of BSc (Hons) Biology year 1 presented their project entitled ‘The introduction of native plants of Mauritius in our country, mainly as yard hedges accompanying concrete walls or other enclosure techniques, for an aesthetic as well as an eco-friendly environment.’ This project highlights twelve species of native plants that can be used, their heights, the flowers, their mode of propagation and reasons for the use of these plants.
They are the winners of the second prize, which is a cash prize of Rs 45, 000.

Our sincere congratulations to all of them, and best wishes for future projects.

Dr C Appadoo, FoS

2 Responses to Students from Biosciences Department win Emtel Competition

  1. M says:

    Have red through, I see my self working with Dr C Appadoo. How that be possible?
    Dr need you contact to share with in the academia (Ph. D.) if possible. I am cameroonian haven work in mangrove ecosystem at M Sc.level and wish to do a Ph.D in the same domain. Is that possible in you university?

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