New course on Peace and Interfaith studies

September 27, 2010

The University has launched a new course on Inter-religious Studies, with the objective of enabling preachers and practitioners of different faiths in Mauritius to learn about the faith of other members of the community. This will help them to better understand and appreciate the religions of others, and thereby better preach their own religion. Since Mauritius is a multi-religious country, it is very important that our preachers do not trample over the toes of their neighbours, but with better understanding, have a broader view of their own practices. It is hoped that the course will be extended as a General Elective Module for students next year.

The course is meant to highlight the common values in all religions practiced here, and aim at promoting these values amidst the population at large. People need to get out of their self-imposed barriers, and appreciate the spiritual culture of the neighbours. Only through this can we bring greater mutual understanding and acceptance, and thereby harmony and peace.

This launch was made to coincide with the celebration of the United Nations Day on International Peace on 21st September 2010.

Prof S Jugessur

Pro-Chancellor and Chairman UoM Council

International Research Symposium in Service Management: “Service Imperatives in the new Economy”

September 6, 2010

The Faculty of Law and Management of the University of Mauritius, in collaboration with the Journal of Service Management, Management Service Quality, an International Journal and Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, has organised the International Research Symposium on Service Management 2010 at Le Meridien Hotel from 24 to 27 August 2010.

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Training Workshop on Web 2.0 Collaborative Tools for Agricultural Stakeholders

September 6, 2010

The Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Research Council (FARC) and the SADC Implementation & Coordination of Agricultural Research & Training (ICART) project organised a workshop on the use of WEB 2.0 Collaborative Tools for Agricultural Information Management on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July 2010.

The objectives of the workshop were to introduce participants to such web based tools, consolidate capacity on Web 2.0 tools, develop practical skills in using web tools and finally to facilitate information exchange and management in the agricultural field at the national level.

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