Official Naming of Engineering Tower as Prof Sir Edouard Lim Fat Engineering Tower-29 Oct 2010

November 15, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a great day for the University of Mauritius where we are honoring a real distinguished son of the soil, Prof. Sir Edouard Lim Fat Kt, whose name we are giving to this new Engineering Tower. He has been instrumental in the development of this University, as well as of our country as a whole over the last fifty years. His contribution to education, agriculture, engineering and specially to the industrial and technological development of Mauritius has been tremendous! Even now, in his ripe age of 89, he is still helping us as a Board Trustee of the University of Mauritius Trust. Incidentally, he just celebrated his 89th birthday only this month.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the Father of the nation, had the knack of spotting the rare bright people in every sphere of activity. Way back in 1951 he spotted a young engineer, Edouard Lim Fat, just back after acquiring a coveted degree in Chemical Engineering, and experience at the famous Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment in UK, and advised him to stay back and serve the country. His actual words, as Prof Lim Fat recollects were: “Lim Fat you must stay here; you can’t run away when we need people like you.” Thank God these words were taken seriously, and we benefited so much from the monumental contribution of the person we are honoring today. Read the rest of this entry »