Mauritian Sign Language at the University

For the first time since the introduction of MSL, students of the University have been trained from January 2011 to March 2011 in the Mauritian Sign Language (MSL). The aim of the training was to equip students with basic skills in sign language and to encourage a greater understanding of disabled people while promoting at the same time a sense of unity among the youth.

This training was initiated by the Public Relations Officer, Mrs Nivault, and organised by the PR’s office, in the context of the National Day celebrations and was ensured by the famous weekly MBC news sign interpreter, Ms Indrani, assisted by Mrs Bisnauthsing of the School for the Deaf of Beau Bassin. It focussed on the signing of the National Anthem.

Students performed at the university celebrating the National day with much talent and enthusiasm. They were so appreciated, that they were also called to perform at the State house by the Committee for National Unity to commemorate the 43rd Anniversary of Independence Day and the 19th Anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius.

Students who participated in the project are the first cohort of students who volunteered to learn the sign language at the university. They were from different fields of study ranging from Agriculture, Textile, IT, Humanities and Science but mainly from Occupational Therapy and Mauritian Studies.

Now some of them are planning to embark on further sign language interpreter studies, a new perspective in the job market.

Mrs A Nivault, Public Relations Officer

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