International Conference on Technology Transfer and Renewable Energy – ICTTRE 2012

Countries in the ACP and in Small Island Developing States are highly dependent on the imports of fossil fuels to meet their energy needs and are hence seeking an alternate way to become self-sufficient through the use of renewable energies. But this sector cannot develop appropriately at present due to lack of expertise and little access to latest technologies. Therefore, Technology Transfer was the main aim of ICTTRE 2012. The conference, held on 21 and 22 June at le Meridien Hotel, thus promoted the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects and technology transfer activities on renewable energy in some ACP Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

ICTTRE was launched by Mrs N D Nababsingh, Permanent Secretary and representative of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology. In reading the Minister’s speech, she stated that the government, fully aware of the importance of environment protection and ensuring security of energy supply, “has targeted to achieve 35% of self-sufficiency by 2025 in terms of electricity supply through a progressive increase in the use of renewable energies”. Apart from the environmental benefits, the local generation and use of renewable energies offer great potential for socio-economic development, including job creation, fostering local investments and reducing the need for imports.

Due to their innovative work, universities and research institutions in ACP-SIDS countries are very important actors, especially in terms of research as well as in the education of future employees in this sector. The conference brought together 40 delegates from around 18 different countries namely Trinidad, Barbados, Fiji, Germany, Canada, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sweden among others, to discuss and present projects on renewable energies such as PV solar, wind energy, hydro power and biofuels from various feedstock.

The conference was conducted under the Small Developing Island Renewable Energy Knowledge and Technology Transfer Network (DIREKT) Project, which is a cooperation scheme involving universities from Germany, Fiji, Mauritius, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. The project is funded by the ACP Science and Technology Programme and EU programme for cooperation between the EU and ACP region. The overall objectives of the DIREKT project are:

  • To strengthen the science and technology capacity in the field of renewable energy of ACP-SIDS;
  • To foster sustainable cooperation between the science and technology community between the participant countries and the EU;
  • To contribute to the transfer of research results on the key topic of renewable energies, by means of the establishment of “technology transfer centres” in the participant countries.
Organising Committee:
DIREKT project coordinator: Prof Walter Leal, Head of Research and transfer centre at Hamburg University, Germany
Local DIREKT project coordinator/Chair of Scientific Committee of ICTTRE: Prof Romeela Mohee, National Research Chair, UoM
Project Manager of DIREKT/Chair of Organising Committee ICTTRE: Dr Dinesh Surroop, Senior Lecturer, UoM

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