Rapid e-Learning and Interactive Materials Development

2012 has marked a year where the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT) has engaged into a series of Capacity-Building Workshops on Rapid e-Learning and Interactive Materials development for e-learning. The main targets were educators of the primary and secondary schools who are exposed to technology in the classroom but who cannot use them in innovative and creative ways. 

VCILT has been working on research and development related to pedagogical design of high quality learning environments using rapid e-learning methodology since 2009. After its successful experimentation within the university courses and a few international consultancies, the VCILT is now in a good position to start disseminating the technique. The VCILT has been generously supported by MICROSOFT in this endeavour and more than 50 educators have received two-day training on rapid e-learning development in March-April 2012. A one-day seminar on Educational Technology followed by a certificate award ceremony for the capacity-building event was held on Saturday 14 July 2012.

The objective is to foster the development of interactive learning resources among the teachers by empowering them in terms of technical skills through these capacity-building workshops, which are customised according to the abilities and needs of the teachers and students; hence taking less time in reaching a critical mass of pedagogical learning resources.

M I Santally, Officer-in-Charge, Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies

More info on VCILT blogspot

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