After having been created for the University of Mauritius Newsletter in March 2007 by Christina Chan-Meetoo, from the Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities, this blog was re-activated in July 2008. It is now under the supervision of Mrs Chan-Meetoo and the Public Relations Office.

Any news or story from the University staff can be sent to the Public Relations Office by mail to pro@uom.ac.mu (please respect the guidelines for submission). Please note that all articles and comments are moderated before publication. Here are some guidelines to follow for comments:
– use real names, not pseudonyms
– make comments that are relevant to the post only
– use decent language
– do not make any personal attacks

The members of the second editorial committee were as follows:

– Prof I Fagoonee (Vice-Chancellor) – vc@uom.ac.mu
– Mrs. C. Chan-Meetoo (FSSH) – chanssc@uom.ac.mu
– Assoc Prof S Boolell (FSSH) – sboolell@uom.ac.mu
– Assoc Prof H Li Kam Wah (FOS) – lkwah@uom.ac.mu
– Mrs A Nivault (PRO) – nivaulta@uom.ac.mu
– Mr R T F Ah King (FOE) – r.ahking@uom.ac.mu
– Mrs A Vaidya Soocheta (FOE) – a.soocheta@uom.ac.mu
– Dr A Ruggoo (FOA) – aruggoo@uom.ac.mu
– Mrs. Jahajeeah (CITS) – chaya@uom.ac.mu
– Mrs R D Rampersad (CPDL) – rdghumun@uom.ac.mu
– Mr. Ujodha (UoM Press) – ujodha@uom.ac.mu
– Ms P. Gunesh (FLM)
-Secretary: Ms Raina Hossenbux (PR’s Office) – r.hossenbux@uom.ac.mu
The first issue of the re-launched newsletter appeared in print in April 2007. The members of the editorial committee were:
– Arnaud Carpooran
– Christina Chan-Meetoo
– Lindsay Dookhit
– Sonia Kotiah
– Raana Moideen

Queries or suggestions about the blog may be sent to the administrator of the blog on chanssc@uom.ac.mu or r.hossenbux@uom.ac.mu

6 Responses to About

  1. Bruno says:

    I was not aware of this site before. I’ve added it to the Mauritius Blog List to increase it’s visibility. 😉

  2. dodo says:

    i came across this website while surfing quite randomly..i think it should be made more popular..why not some advertising in the UOM insight newspaper?i think it has the potential and it needs to be dynamic to be successful .

  3. ashna ruggoo says:

    nice initiative.most students dnt even knw existence of this thgh!the mr the better.u pple shud mk it public.advertise it on uom insight,ya y not!nice initiative

  4. A says:

    I have already submitted my application in February. How will i know if i have been accepted or not? Some students have already got a reply from UOM confirming their seat. Please help me.

    • christinam says:

      Depends on the course you have applied for and your ranking on the list (based on your SC and HSC results). It takes time for the University to reply to all successful applicants. Note that UOM cannot reply to all candidates who have applied, only those who get a seat. Also, sometimes students on the first list may decline the offer which means that the seat is then offered to the next applicant on the reserve lists. The process can thus be long.

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