Web 2.0 Learning Opportunities

July 10, 2012

The Technical Centre for agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA), in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture (FOA), University of Mauritius, and the Food and Agricultural Council (FARC) is holding two training workshops, from 9 to 13 July and 23 to 27 July 2012 on the use of Web 2.0 tools in the Agricultural and allied sectors. The aim of the workshop is to help stakeholders better manage information, improve its dissemination and enhance collaboration among institutions. The workshop was launched by Dr. The Hon. Rajeshwar Jeetah, Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology on Monday 9 July in the R Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre at UoM. Read the rest of this entry »

UoM selected for the Tuning Africa Project: a new framework to harmonize African Higher Education

December 15, 2011

Africa is called upon to reflect on ways to review its Higher Education system towards more harmonization among degree-awarding institutions across the continent. The European Union has established a strategic partnership with Africa on a collaborative project ‘Tuning Africa’ to enhance degree comparability, graduate mobility and employability. The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Mauritius has been selected in December 2011 to participate in the Tuning Pilot Project for Africa. Mr Kamlesh Bhoodhoo, FoA lecturer and Officer-in-Charge of the Agricultural Production & Systems Department, will be representing the University at the project meetings in Cameroun and Cape Town. The selection process was carried out by specialist reviewers and the steering committee spent two full days reviewing the applications with the advice of the Association of African Universities and Directors of Regional Associations. Read the rest of this entry »

Setting-up of an Endemic and Medicinal Plant Garden on Reduit campus

November 11, 2011

The University of Mauritius inaugurated its first Endemic and Medicinal Plant Garden on Wednesday 9 November 2011 at the University Farm. Dr the Hon Rajeshwar Jeetah, Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology, the initiator of this project, was invited to launch the garden.

Initially, some 30 indigenous species have been planted and in the long run, it is expected to showcase the 315 species which are endemic in the Mauritian flora. The launching was held for the occasion under a traditional tent made up of palm leaves, bamboo shoots and other natural on-site resources which enhanced the endemic scenery of the tropical island. Read the rest of this entry »

Training Workshop on Web 2.0 Collaborative Tools for Agricultural Stakeholders

September 6, 2010

The Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Research Council (FARC) and the SADC Implementation & Coordination of Agricultural Research & Training (ICART) project organised a workshop on the use of WEB 2.0 Collaborative Tools for Agricultural Information Management on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July 2010.

The objectives of the workshop were to introduce participants to such web based tools, consolidate capacity on Web 2.0 tools, develop practical skills in using web tools and finally to facilitate information exchange and management in the agricultural field at the national level.

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Sustainable Land Management

September 1, 2009

Certificate A C Sustainable Land Mgt Pg 4 (2)A Certificate Award Ceremony rewarding 159 participants of the training courses on Sustainable Land Management was held on Thursday 18 June 2009 on UoM Campus. These programmes were mounted by the University of Mauritius under the project “Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Mauritius including Rodrigues”, funded by the UNDP/GEF/FAO/GoM. The event also hosted the official launching of a booklet on Sustainable Agricultural Practices. The Hon. S V Faugoo, Minister of Agro-Industry, Food Production & Security and the Hon. L Bundhoo, Minister of Environment & National Development Unit and representatives from the UNDP & the Agricultural sector were present.
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Seminar on Roselle – Agribusiness Opportunities

May 27, 2009

The Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) of the University of Mauritius and Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU) of FARC jointly organized a seminar on the 20th of November 2008 to increase awareness on the agribusiness opportunities offered by Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Malvaceae) production and processing.
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FoA present at the SME Trade and Technology Fair 2008

December 17, 2008

The Faculty of Agriculture participated in the SME Trade and Technology Fair 2008, organised by the SEHDA. This event was held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Domaine Les Pailles from 27 to 31 August 2008. The objective of the Fair was to sensitise potential entrepreneurs and the public at large about the opportunities of setting up commercial enterprises in various fields: agriculture and food, textile, health products, furniture-making, light engineering products among many others.
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Message from Assoc Prof D Puchooa, Dean FoA

December 17, 2008

The Faculty, originally founded as the School of Agriculture in 1914, has played and continues to play a vital role in training human resources in the agricultural and related sectors of the country. It is the oldest Faculty on campus, with more than 75 years of proven track record in tertiary level teaching and training in different aspects of agriculture.
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University Farm on the Innovation Week 2008

July 21, 2008

A noticeable presence

As part of the Innovation Week held from the 4th to 6th July 2008, the Faculty of Agriculture was involved at different levels (poster presentation, video presentation quiz sessions) including sales of farm produce from the University Farm.

The University Farm put on sale produce, which are not commonly found in retail outlets in Mauritius such as duck eggs, roselle jam (including diabetic jam), roselle juice, honey combs, oyster mushroom, and various fresh vegetables at interesting prices.

The processing of the roselle calyces was done in an innovative way, whereby a simple tool has been invented by the University Farm staff to remove the roselle seedpod in a rapid and more efficient way.

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Minister Boolell meets Agriculture students

March 23, 2007

An interactive session between the Hon. Minister Dr Arvin Boolell and students from the Faculty of Agriculture took place on 8 February 2007 at the RBLT. After the welcoming speeches by the presidents of the Agricultural Society and of the Students’ Union, the Minister shared his aspirations about the Mauritian Agricultural sector. He explained how Mauritius was vulnerable and far from the international market and emphasised a lot on clustering and mobilising strength. He also said that all stakeholders like the public sector, research centres, the Ministry of Agriculture and the University should work together in order to innovate and promote new values.
Students had the opportunity to question the Minister on various topics. The Minister stressed that resources should be used judiciously and declared that an Empowerment Fund should be set up to help new entrepreneurs start a business. He also talked about the role of his Ministry as a facilitator and exposed his views on other issues like the international trends in Agriculture, the emergence and adoption of new technologies, the ‘Dairy Village’ project and the Sea Food Hub.
Prior to the meeting, the Minister visited the University farm and took cognizance of the facilities offered there as well as the difficulties faced by students for practical sessions. A business-oriented approach was suggested by the Minister whereby farm produce could be commercialised with the help of qualified consultants.

I.A. Shanawaz Purdhun
Agriculture Society