Guidelines for authors

  • Articles should never exceed 300 words.
  • They should be written as concisely as possible.
    Avoid very long sentences or paragraphs that hinder readability.
    Leave out superfluous words and expressions.

  • Articles should be written in correct English or French.
  • Use of technical jargon should either be avoided or be accompanied by clear explanations.
  • All articles should bear a very short heading that clearly identifies the topic.
  • Articles should, as far as possible, be written in a factual manner. Avoid using superlatives or laudatory terms.
  • Authors should bear in mind the period of publication when submitting a piece so that the news that will appear in print are not obsolete at the date of publication.
  • All articles should be signed either by an author or attributed to a team, department, faculty or centre in case of collective source.
    • Authors who sign the articles should not cite themselves in the body of the article. It is then advisable to either ask a third party to write the piece or to avoid citing themselves directly in the piece.

    Authors may use the 6Ws framework as a guide in writing up their article:

    • Who?
    • What?
    • When?
    • Where?
    • Why?
    • HoW?
  • Authors can also include information about how to get further information on the topic (e.g. a website, an e-mail address, a document).
  • Fictitious example: The Department of Social Studies has set up a Centre for Women Studies in March within the Faculty. The aim is to collect and analyse data concerning women’s place in society. Regular surveys will be conducted within the population and the information will help formulate gender-related policies at the national level…..
  • 4 Responses to Guidelines for authors

    1. Dr. R P PANKAJA says:

      i was very much impressed to come to your site and to read a text summarizing Dr. MN’s speech.
      pl. visit the website of my college for the info on a seminar to be held in our campus.

    2. christinam says:

      Thank you for your comment, Dr Pankaja. It may be helpful if you could provide the URL for the seminar.

      C. Chan-Meetoo

    3. sanjay kumar says:

      Thanks to see your site .

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